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Palisades LLC is your local, knowledgable resource to noteworthy, handcrafted designer wall treatments.  


jeff daws


Owner and operator of Palisades Modern Millwork.  The business was born out of a need my  wife, Emily, and I identified in our new construction home.  With stark white walls in every room, we wanted something different than traditional paint or wallpaper.  So, we put some designs together that put a twist on traditional millwork that we really fell in love with.  After receiving requests to duplicate the designs, the proof of concept grew and we knew we had something.  Palisades was born.


I think of myself as a jack of all trades.  From design, to fabrication, to final installation, I have my hands on each project every step of the way.  


Finding inspiration in Charleston’s iconic iron work, masonry, foliage, and local landmarks, I enjoy the creativity aspect to what we offer.  Whatever the design, it’s always with the goal of creating unique focal points, which double as original art installations.  With unique capabilities and vendor partnerships, we know that Palisades can offer an unmatched service to designers, businesses, and home owners alike.  

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